Here are some of the many testimonials we get from folks who have enjoyed one or more of our various cruise adventures aboard Reef Explorer. Thanks for taking the time to let us know you enjoyed being with us just as much as we enjoyed having you along for the ride!


David Ashworth

– I am the English man who, along with my new wife Mandy, was talking to you about politics and paddle steamers!  We enjoyed our trip out with you very much indeed  Your enthusiasm, wisdom and knowledge was great.  Thank you again.


Dave Wagner

– Dear Captain Mike,  My wife, Nancy and I cruised with you on your glass bottom boat tour during the last week in September.  As usual, the Hamilton based trip was fantastic!  The reason that I say “As Usual” is because Nancy and I have joined you many times throughout the last couple of decades, beginning with our Honeymoon in September 1987.  Also, we enjoyed reminiscing about the photo of yourself and your boat which Nancy took in 1987!

In addition to the viewing and narration of Bermuda’s beautiful coral life from your ideally designed glass bottom vessel, the 2+ hour tour covered so much more!  We appreciate your vast knowledge during the interesting commentary of Bermuda’s rich history as we cruised by historical landmarks, geological wonders, Bermudian architecture and celebrity’s homes.  My personal favorite was the time we spent spotting sea turtles over the light colored sea floor.  These amazing creatures would move along the bottom then surface for a breather of air, allowing everyone on the boat to enjoy their majesty.  The friendliness of you and your first mate, Germaine, quickly made everyone feel at ease which resulted in a free flow of conversation.

Nancy and I want to thank you for yet another unique experience and want to encourage anyone visiting Bermuda to join you for an unforgettable experience!


Eliese Espinosa

– Hello Captain Mike and Germaine.  I had the wonderful opportunity to join you on May 29th for a smooth and informative cruise to Turtle Bay on your beautiful glass bottom boat.  My husband was there on business, so could not join me, but you made me feel so comfortable and welcome.

There were only about 10 of us on that afternoon, so we got to share about ourselves.  I am the one you referred to as “Miss Colorado” as that is where I live.  I must say that seeing the beautiful schools of fish, hearing about the structure of the homes, seeing some of the homes of the “rich and famous” and searching for and finding the sea turtles left me with great memories of our first trip to Bermuda.

Germaine is great with the Dark and Stormy drinks, also.  I was advised that I needed to experience one of those and I’m glad I did.  My first Dark and Stormy was aboard your boat.  Please let me know when you get your shirts in as I would love to have one!!

Thanks again and, when we return to Bermuda, I or we will board your boat again!!!


Anne Carlos and Jamie Bradley

– Hello Captain Mike.  Jamie and I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for the great tour last month.  Your enthusiasm for Bermuda and its surroundings made it a joy to sail with your.  Turtle Cove was a highlight!

We hope your turtle tagging was all you hoped for.  Our 20th anniversary trip to Bermuda would not have been complete without a glass bottom boat tour and taking it with you made it all the more special.  Next time, we will take the longer snorkel tour… I’m sure you have lots of great snorkel stories for us.  Best of luck this season – we’ll be back!


Gretchen and Edward

– The two hour boat cruise on the Reef Explorer was the highlight of our trip to Bermuda.  Captain Mike was so well versed – not only about the corals and sea life, but also about Bermuda’s long and rich history.  He made all of the passengers feel right at home and well cared for.  And, his first mate made THE best Rum Swizzle on the island!  Seeing the turtles swimming by in the serene aqua water is something we will never forget.  We will highly recommend the tour to all of our friends and family.  It is truly a first-class operation.


John & Elsie Simmons (from the UK)

– Elsie and I thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality and the enthusiasm of your crewmates.  You can be assured that we will bring you to the attention of anyone invading your shores – Friendly Trespasser Only!


Julie Compton

– We recently took the afternoon glass bottom boat trip with you and had a fantastic time, so thanks much for your hospitality.  In fact, following the trip, we actually saw your boat out on the water a couple of times, once at Flatts Inlet and once at 9 Beaches and please be assured we all gave you a big wave!!  We will come on your trip again and, when the kids are a bit older, we’ll do the snorkel thing.


Dale & Doug Waldock

– Dear Captain Mike,  My wife and I were very impressed with the way you interacted with the kids on our cruise.  It made us lol watching you play pirate with them. The Black Sparrow a lot of fun.  You and your crew clearly enjoy what you do.  I think your rum swizzles were as good as the restaurants.  We were especially grateful for our trip to Hamilton. Your advice and information were very helpful.  You certainly know a lot about Bermuda.


Melanie Gardiner

– Hi Capt Michael.  Thanks for a super fun day yesterday afternoon – Aaron (my five year old) had a fantastic time and has not stopped talking about it and has told his dad that next time he is going to drive the ship – he didn’t feel like it yesterday.   His foot from the bee sting he got, whilst going to view the turtles with Jermaine, is all swollen up today and he can’t walk on it properly – poor soul!  I was able to do a quick bit of research on the web and found two pictures of the HMS Vixen – in the first picture, the Vixen is on the left.  However, the second picture shows a much better look at the Iron Clad ship.  There is also so much information online, too.  Hopefully, you can blow the second picture up and frame it to show to Tourists as they visit the island.


Jerry Moroskey

– Hi. On May 16, myself, my girlfriend, my brother and his wife took a snorkeling trip on your boat from our ship the Explorer of the seas and we had a great time.  I know your crew liked it when my brother forgot to take off his pants when he jumped in!  We took another trip on the 17th and were very happy to see your boat and crew for the 2nd time. Your crew was friendly, informative and fun to be with.  I again want to thank you for the 2 very nice days that we spent time with you.  We love Bermuda and you guys made it even better.  The photo I took, as we left the boat, will remind me of the fun we had with you.


Janet Dickens

– We went on a sunset cruise and coastline tour on a glass-bottom boat…probably the best tour I’ve ever had the privilege to enjoy!

Bad tours are dry, loud, difficult to understand, uncomfortable, frequently boring, and are given by people who are long tired of doing what they are doing. Good tours I’ve been on before have been informative or funny or interesting or just fun…almost never all four. This tour was all four, and more.

Captain Mike, otherwise known as “Rum Bum,” in his outrageous and cockeyed pirate wig, delighted us with a warm, funny, gentle, AND informative tour obviously given from the heart. This native Bermudian clearly loves his homeland and operates his tours with an appreciation for, and abundant love of, the beautiful environment in which he was raised.

We passed a little cove with a romantic torch-lit table for two on the beach; the couple shouted to us across the water, “We just got engaged!” which earned them a spontaneous and enthusiastic “Congratulations!” from all of us.

There was a prearranged pirate invasion by “Sparrow,” as in Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, a pirate who leaped off the bridge as we passed under…dove into the water next to our boat as we passed, quickly boarded and treated us with a fiercely funny pirate masquerade that took us all by surprise and had us laughing.

Rum Bum gave the coastline and historical part of the tour, his talk peppered with gentle “arghs” and interesting facts. Scurvy Dog, the captain’s sidekick and all-around boatmate, gave a very interesting and amusing marine biology talk of the ocean bottom seen through the glass bottom of the lower deck. Interesting, informative, amusing, and also gently done. Then we all went aboveboard and fed all the fish bagels and various breads, which they were “walking” over one another to get to! Fun!
I love things that are done “right,” done the way I would do them if I had the talent and creativity, not to mention the opportunity, to do them, which I don’t, but I tend to recognize and appreciate “goodness” when I see it. This was done right.